Our values and beliefs

At Lucia Care we have the deepest respect for nature – all the way from the roots of the plants right up to the sky, from which all living things seek light and water. Lucia Care’s plant-based and holistic skincare products reflect this respect for the inseparable relationship between human beings and nature.

The essence of Lucia Care

We put nature’s rich flora into our formulas, treating plants in a way that respects their highest potential. Taking empirical wisdom as her starting point, Nanna Kirkebjerg selects the medicinal herbs and their unique combinations for each product. In addition to this medical approach, it is the use of essential oils that makes Lucia Care unique.

Together with plant extracts, the essential oils are active ingredients with nurturing properties for body and mind. In other words, there’s a lot more to essential oils than just the fragrance.


Each Lucia Care product has been carefully selected, certified and developed on the basis of sustainable principles in cooperation with DermaPharm. The products carry recognised international certifications, which you can read more about here.

COSMOS Organic

COSMOS is a pan-European certification scheme for organic cosmetic products. The COSMOS label tells you that the ingredients in the labelled product have been grown responsibly and with respect for the environment. This is your guarantee that we’ve set high standards in the choice of ingredients, cultivation and organic content.

To obtain certification, at least 95% of the plant-based ingredients must be organic, and the organic ingredients must comprise at least 20% of the product – 10% if the product is to be rinsed off. Ecocert is a certification body for sustainable development. 

Find out more about COSMOS ORGANIC here.

Vegan Trademark

All Lucia Care products are certified with the Vegan Trademark. This is your guarantee that Lucia Care products do not contain animal ingredients and are not tested on animals.

Read more about the Vegan Trademark here.

Why doesn’t Lucia Care carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel?

Lucia Care does not carry the Nordic Swan Ecolabel because we have chosen to use potent medicinal herbs containing essential oils. These oils are invaluable skincare ingredients and naturally contain some of the declarable fragrance substances.

We are always ready to expand on our certifications. If you have any questions about this, please contact: info@luciacare.com

Green on the outside and green on the inside

Striving for the highest level of sustainability is an integral part of everything we do at Lucia Care.

Green skincare routine

Lucia Care’s products comprise a holistic universe of multi-care products. By using the same product for your face and body, you can make your skincare greener, simpler and more eco-friendly. Lucia Care’s products are also distinguished by having a unisex fragrance and can be used by the whole family.

Recycled plastic and glass

Our journey towards sustainability never ends. This is also reflected in our packaging, for which we use glass and recycled plastics as much as we possibly can. All our boxes are made from recycled paper, and all our packaging can be recycled.

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