Lucia Care is like a deep breath inviting body,
mind and spirit to reconnect with our deeper self and with nature.

Lucia Care – Created by Dr Nanna Kirkebjerg, MD

It was here long before us. Nature. With powers that have sustained us, enriched us and healed us. Powers that give us a sense of health, wholeness and balance.

Lucia Care harnesses the healing power of nature to nurture the whole human being, because we understand that body, mind and spirit are inseparable. Quite simply, your skin is part of you. The inspiration for Lucia Care comes from a holistic and sustainable vision of revitalising, reducing stress and restoring balance – not only to your skin but also to your life.

Natural skincare that goes deeper

We have known from ancient times that nature’s plants, flowers, leaves, roots and stems have intrinsic powers capable of soothing and healing. Lucia Care sheds further light on this empirical wisdom with the aid of modern research, transforming traditional medicinal herbs into creams, oils and soaps in the capable hands of the biochemist.

Why choose products from Lucia Care?

Nature’s own skincare

Nature’s medicinal plants are at the heart of Lucia Care. Our skincare line is the first in the Nordic region to be based on an integrative medical perspective of nurturing and caring for your skin. The holistic skincare line contains pure extracts from organically grown medicinal herbs such as rosemary, marigold, horsetail, chamomile, aloe vera, cedar and bergamot. Lucia Care’s products also contain naturally fragrant essential oils and hyaluronic acid, nature’s own master of moisturising.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected, certified and developed on the basis of sustainable principles in cooperation with Dermapharm.

Botany meets medical science

The pioneer behind Lucia Care is Dr Nanna Kirkebjerg, MD, a specialist in natural medicine. The idea for Lucia Care took shape in 2017 when Nanna ran a stress clinic using herbal medicinal oils for stress-relieving bath therapy and to calm the nerve-sense system. In her medical practice, Nanna has a special passion for anthroposophy. The holistic view of human beings in harmony with nature is part of Lucia Care’s underlying philosophy. All products in the Lucia Care skincare universe go beyond feeding the skin – their therapeutic and regenerative properties go deeper. The heart and core of the Lucia Care universe is always to strengthen, nurture and help the skin to help itself.

See why Mia and Christian choose Lucia Care

The founders of Lucia Care

Nanna Kirkebjerg


Nanna is founder of Lucia Care, medical doctor and a specialist in natural medicine. She is a general practitioner and mother of four daughters. She has previously founded and run the Lucia Clinic, a stress and rehabilitation clinic located at Dallund Castle.

Mia Wagner

Co-founder and partner

Mia Wagner is a co-founder of Nordic Female Founders. Nordic Female Founders is a partner of Lucia Care. In addition, Mia is a lawyer, conflict mediator and mother of two daughters. For a number of years she has been a lioness in the DR TV show “Lion’s Den”.

Christian Gerhard Bøving

Co-founder and partner

Christian Gerhard Bøving, medical doctor is a general practitioner and father of a daughter. He has previously been associated with the Danish special forces at The Frogman Corps / The Jaeger Corps and served as a doctor on The Royal Yacht Dannebrog with military rank of Commander in the Danish navy. He has been a medical expert in Tv2’s Go´ morgen Danmark and hosted the TV show “Øen” on DR1.