Lucia Care Complete


Lucia Care Complete cannot be combined with promotional discount codes.

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Natural skincare for
body mind and spirit

Lucia Care Complete

gives you the full skincare line and consists of seven skincare products:


Creamy Soft Cleanser for body, hands, face and hair is a soft creamy soap enriched with regenerating medicinal herbs as well as aloe vera and sunflower oil for extra nourishing and moisturising care of skin and hair.


Nourishing Salt Scrub for body, hands and feet is a smoothing scrub composed of softening organic botanical oils, deep-cleansing sea salt and revitalising medicinal herbs, which together create a new balance in your skin. 


Deep Hydrating Mist and Light Serum for face is a gentle moisturiser with anti-inflammatory marigold, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid that instantly revives your skin and seals in moisture. 


Rich Regenerative Face Cream for face is an intensive nourishing age-defying face cream with an innovative vitamin A formula, hyaluronic acid and medicinal herbs that stimulate the formation of collagen for potent anti-ageing skincare day and night.


DeStress Day Lotion for face and body is a fast absorbing and long-lasting nourishing lotion packed with the highest quality natural and active ingredients. 


Rich Rescue Cream for hands, face, feet and damaged skin offers deep moisture and intensive regenerating care for thirsty and exhausted skin all over.


Revitalising Oil for face, body, bath, and massage is a rich and nourishing oil with hydrating almond oil and soothing medicinal herbs enhancing and boosting the elasticity of the skin.


Lucia Care Complete cannot be combined with promotional discount codes.

Certified wellbeing

All seven products have COSMOS ORGANIC certification and carry the Vegan Trademark.

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Care begins with the scent of rosemary, bergamot and cedar

The awakening, fresh, grounding and natural fragrance of Lucia Care Complete is composed of rosemary, bergamot and cedarwood. This unique combination of  scent notes invites you to be more focused, to centre yourself, and to reconnect with your body and with nature.

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